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    The Top 10 Decorating Secrets!
    Circulation, Drama, Proportions - everything you need to know.

    1. Plan Each Room With A Function
    Once you have established what room you are planning, compile a list of
    the room's activities, including the furniture items and work from that point.

    2. The First Impression
    The first thing that you see when entering a room should be attractive. Arrange
    your furniture so that the entrance into the room is welcoming, and establishes
    a comfortable flow of traffic. Avoid blocking the main entrance to a room with a
    large furniture item. You only have one chance to make a lasting first
    impression, so make it count.

    3. Be Unique and Unpredictable
    Furniture ensembles that all match are boring and cliche. Aim for harmony by striking a balance between the high and low furniture items. Avoid a linear look like a sofa grouping with matching end tables and lamps. This look is very limiting in terms of style and character.

    4. Pleasing Proportions
    Furniture should always be appropriately scaled; the smaller the room, the smaller the furniture pieces. Be realistic when choosing the right proportional items.

    5. Good Circulation
    Avoid dodging around furniture. Traffic lanes should be kept clean.

    6. Move Furniture Away From Walls
    If your room is large, it is a good idea to create more than one furniture grouping. Furniture placed along the wall perimeters are often too far apart to unify a room and encourage intimate conversational settings.

    7. Add Drama to a Room
    If you want to add drama to a square room, place your carpet and furniture on a diagonal angle. An area rug can define boundaries and anchor a space, while a sofa or folding screen can be used to separate and disguise an activity area. A screen can also be used to soften any rooms corners.

    8. Every Room Should Have a Focal Point

    Plan your room around a center of interest. For instance, you can add emphasis to a focal point such as a fireplace or a beautiful view by arranging your furniture around it. If you don't have a focal point, create one with a painting, sculpture or an antique.

    9. Don't Fill Up Every Inch of Space
    Three dimensional furniture will appear bigger and bulkier than the templates do on flat paper, so don't over crowd your room.

    10. Does It Fit?
    Always make sure that the door size will accommodate the largest furniture piece. If your furniture is going on the second floor or basement family room, double check that the size of the stairwell and corridor leading to the room will accommodate it.


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