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    How to Measure for Bed Coverings, How to Make a Round Table Skirt
    Make sure you buy correctly, and complement with a matching skirt!

    The process for Measuring Bed Coverings in three steps:
    1. Measure the mattress or box spring from cord to cord.
    2. Measure the length of the mattress or box spring from cord to cord.
    3. Measure from the cording on the top edge of the mattress or box
      spring to the floor and deduct 1 inch for the correct drop. For a
      comforter, measure for desired length but at least 2 inches below
      where the mattress and box springs meet.

    How To Make a Round Table Skirt
    You can make your bedroom cozy and inviting by covering a bedside or occasional table with a skirt that matches or complements the patterns or colors on your bed. Use flat sheets. Because flat sheets are made in a variety of sizes, you can make table rounds for tables up to 39 inches wide and 30 inches high uninterrupted by seams.

    First, measure your table to determine how much fabric you will need. Measure the table's height, and double that figure. Add that number to the diameter of a round table, or the diagonal measurement of a square or rectangle. Add three inches for the hem.

    The second step is to cut the sheet into a square the size you need. Next, fold the fabric in half, wrong side up. Using chalk, mark the center point along the folded edge. With a pencil on a string, anchored at this center point with a thumbtack, trace a semicircle that extends to the edges of the fabric. Carefully cut out the folded circle along the pencil line. To hem, turn under three-quarters of an inch, pin and press; repeat. Slip stitch the hem.


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