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    Simple Decorating Tips for Planning Your Room
    Quick and basic ideas will keep your room looking great!

    For optimum television viewing, measure screen diagonally and multiple by three. This will give you the minimum viewing distance between your favorite chair or sofa and the television. For example, 42” (TV size) x 3 = 126”.

    Here is a good tip for selecting a coffee table that fits your space. Create a layout that you like. What is the shape that is void in the center of your layout? If the shape is square, then a square or round coffee table is the best option. If the shape is rectangular, then a rectangular table would be the best.

    Did you know? According to the International Color Group (ICG), color trends only have a five year lifespan.

    To make a small room feel larger, use a monochromatic color scheme - meaning, all of the room colors are similar in tone and value. This way, the eye can move around the room continuously and it gives the feel of more space.

    Horizontal lines make a narrow room look wider, vertical lines make a room with lower ceilings seam higher.

    Use these tips to hang pictures:

    Accessorize your room at the end of the project. Preventing mistakes will save time and putting unnecessary holes in the wall. Once you know where your furniture will be placed, then hang pictures and accessories.

    Before hanging pictures on the wall, try out various locations by making a collage of newspapers on the floor, the same size as your pictures. Then, tape the newspaper to the wall to try out different locations.

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