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Home Furniture
The comfort and durability of family furniture doesn't have to outweigh style and sophistication; creating a perfect balance between the two can be achieved. From family rooms and living rooms, to dining rooms and bedrooms, we’ll show you how to flawlessly blend form and function.

Office Furniture
Impress your clients with unique and memorable surroundings. We can help make your work space as comfortable and inviting as your living space.

Floor Coverings
Custom floor coverings offer the best balance between real-life durability and modern style. By accenting with carpeting, area rugs, hardwood flooring, and decorative tiles, we’ll update your space with warmth and character.

Window Treatments
From solely decorative to fully functional, modern window treatments are a multi-purpose item your space can’t do without. Whether your need is simplistic and clean or elegant and sophisticated, our connection to quality products and new trends will showcase and add value to your space.

Paint & Wallpaper
Selecting a paint color or wallpaper in a big home-improvement store can leave you with an uneasy feeling or frustrated experience. From traditional paint and wall coverings to unique finishes such as faux and stria, we’ll assist you with color selection and style guidance to make any space come alive. Custom murals are also available.

Fabric is the cornerstone of design. With so many styles and choices to choose from, you may not know where to start. Whether you’re thinking about a traditional look with stripes, plaids, and textures or a more modern look with geometrics and whimsical flair, we’ll guide you in the right direction. With custom draperies, pillows, bedding, and even cut yardage – the possibilities are endless.

Re-designing your space doesn’t necessarily mean starting from scratch. By using new and exciting materials, we can bring your classic items back to life.

Home & Office Accessories
Your new space is only complete with the finishing touch of accessories. With connections to products from around the world, your space can become unique and memorable. We will recommend the perfect accessories for your space, or guide you in selecting accessories for your own personal touch.

Space Planning & Layout
We’ll help identify your needs and turn space problems into space solutions. By presenting you with the best possible form, function, and style, you’ll be confident with your new look.

Project Management
Details are not only important – but essential. Our project management service allows you to rest assured that your project will be completed properly and professionally – whether working with our team of contractors or yours.

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